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Photos taken in Egypt - 1952 - 1956

photos by Don Church



The following photographs are scans from black and white negatives and color slides.  It is an ongoing project from approximately 1000 negatives and slides taken in Egypt from 1952 to 1956.  A series of 8 mm film will be added as well.  Negatives were scanned at a resolution of 4000 pixels/inch or 1570 pixels/cm and then reduced for the website.  To organize the photos they are broken down in broad categories.  To help identify some of the photos smaller portions of the photo have been enlarged.  The photos were taken during family outings from our home in Heliopolis.

To view the completed photos please click on the following categories:

         Khan al-Khalili quarters Cairo


Village outside Cairo



Giza and Sakara - archeological and other



Archeological sites

El Alemein

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